I’m Geektana, and I’m a writer and lover of all things geeky! I graduated with a degree in English Literature. I’m a complete astrophile, and my favorite things include reading books, going to the movies, writing fantasy & scifi, anything Disney, & drinking as much iced coffee as I can.

As the site suggests, I love talking about my favorite tv shows, movies, and books. I’ve had two youtube channels in the past, both of which were centered around books. Being able to talk about things I loved was incredibly appealing. That’s why I created Geektana in 2016. It does not feature my posts from 2016, and instead I revamped the site in 2018 and added my posts that I had on a previous (more personal) blog.

I’m glad you stopped by!

Questions and general business inquiries, e-mail: jenn@geektana.com

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