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Top 5 Favorite YA Book Covers (so far)

I love books. I know, what a shocker. You’re shocked. I love everything about reading and books in general. Especially the covers. Yeah, yeah, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, blah, blah, blah. Let’s be real. We all do it. If you are one of the rare unicorns who doesn’t, bravo. But I’m shallow […]

Am I finally going to read the Throne of Glass series?

With the release of the final installment in Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series, it’s only appropriate that I dedicate an entire post to is what sure to be a classic YA Fantasy series.  My first disclaimer: I have only read the first two books, Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight. However, I […]

Issues in the Bookish Community

Click-bait title aside, I didn’t want to write this post. I hate anything to do with “drama”, but I feel this needs to be addressed within the book community. Not that I’m some kind of authority on the matter, but I’m going to explode if I don’t get it out somehow.  Throughout the last six […]

Mid-book Update!

Hello! So, this Summer was very weird in terms of reading. Let me regale you with a (somewhat short) tale of my adventures in reading. Let’s start with May. I read maybe 3 books that month. I considered this successful since in April, I read nothing. June. LET ME TELL YOU. June was my best […]

Top 5 Reading Slump Tips

Ah, the Reading Slump. Just saying the words causes my stomach to turn. If you’ve spent any amount of time in the bookish community, you likely have heard the phrase. It’s used to describe the awful feeling that accompanies not wanting to read. I know, NOT wanting to read? Blasphemy. However, it is a totally […]

Geekerella by Ashley Poston Review

Marketed as a ‘love letter to fandom’, Geekerella plays with the well-known Cinderella story and strives to offer a fresh take. Our titular geek, Danielle (or Elle for short) is orphaned and living with a ‘stepmomster’ and two stepsisters. Poston writes Elle as a fan obsessed with the fictional science fiction show, Starfield. Starfield comes […]

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