Queen of Air and Darkness Hangover Recovery Kit Review

Today’s post features a bookish one-time box from Fae Crate. I have never ordered a subscription box that featured a bookish theme. I’ve only ever ordered a one-time box from Nerdblock, but I was disappointed with that box. (I’ve heard they’re coming back, so maybe I’ll check them out!)

Back in October, I saw a few of these boxes going around on Twitter, and I was immediately intrigued. The first one I saw was the Kingdom of Ash Recovery Kit to help those who would have trouble moving on after Sarah J. Maas’ series finale. I loved the idea and decided I would keep an eye out if Fae Crate made another one. And they did! Several, in fact. They weren’t part of the regular monthly boxes. Instead, they were fun boxes centered around popular YA book releases. 

Even though I hadn’t started The Dark Artifices series yet, I knew I was going to want this box. (It’s Cassandra Clare; I’m gonna need a recovery box!) So, I went and ordered the box-only option. They do offer a book and box option that offers some book-only goodies, like a signed bookplate! I knew that I was going to order the book from somewhere else, so I opted for the box only. 

The box itself is GORGEOUS. I was surprised that this is exactly what it looks like when it ships. Part of me was worried that someone would be tempted to steal it (esp. because it’s around the holidays), but fortunately, that didn’t happen. *Side note: With holiday shipping being very stressful, the customer service from Fae Crate was beyond unbelievable. They sent out an e-mail letting people know they were trying to get everything out quickly and sent out a beautiful pdf of digital fanart to tide customers over until their packages arrived. 

Now, let’s get to the good stuff.

Sage couldn’t wait either.

This box contains: 

  • an angelic rune changing light 
  • a stele USB
  • a fanart pillowcase
  • a Will Herondale plushie!
  • an umbrella with a quote from City of Ashes
  • a bookish candle
  • a pencil pouch
  • beautiful fanart
  • stickers!

One of the reasons I wanted to pick this box up is that it featured items from the entire Shadowhunter chronicles, not just The Dark Artifices.

The pouch is a pretty good quality pouch that is double-lined. Even though I’m on Winter break, I’m ready for the next semester so I can use this! The candle is from Whiskey Diamond Candle Co. and is in the scent The Wild Hunt. It smells strongly of florals and ‘perfume-y’. (I’m so professional describing scents, I know.) I’ve always wanted a bookish candle, and I’m excited to light this. 🙂 

The greenery in the wax is a nice touch!

The Stele USB was one of my favorites! It is in this gorgeous cool-toned palette of greens and purples. After checking, it holds 2GB. The top to the flash drive holds securely, so I don’t think I’ll need to worry about it coming apart in my bag.

Fae Crate gave a few sneak peeks throughout the last month or so on their Instagram of the items. One of the ones that was not included was this pillowcase. It features a quote surrounded by what looks like digital fan art. 

The pillowcase itself is made of a thick fabric with a white zipper on one side allowing it to be removed and washed as needed. Now, I just need to go out and get a pillow for this. The colors are bright, and the lines are sharp. Nothing about this pillowcase looks cheap. It’s easy to see this is a well-made product.

I’ll be honest here. I’m not entirely sure how I’ll utilize this fanart. I still think that these are beautiful, and I’m glad they’re included. I just don’t know where to put them yet. 

What I do love about these is that each is centered around a different series in the Shadowhunter Chronicles. 

Top to Bottom: The Mortal Instruments, The Dark Artifices, The Infernal Devices

In the picture below, you’ll also be able to see the wonderful little Will Herondale plushie that I will totally not be cuddling during this cold Winter. The light-changing angelic rune light is BRIGHT. It has so many different settings, but I prefer the bluish white. Maybe on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I’ll make it red and green! 

There were so many pieces in this box that, in my opinion, it made it worth the money. (I’m interested to see what The Wicked King box will look like!) I purchased this box with my own money, and I am not affiliated with Fae Crate.  

If you’d like to check out these boxes or subscribe to their monthly box, I’ll leave a link to their site here.

I now have a Shadowhunters shrine.

I hope y’all are having a wonderful holiday season.

Happy Reading,


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2 thoughts on “Queen of Air and Darkness Hangover Recovery Kit Review

  1. I would like to order this kit, but I cannot find a place to do it. Can somebody tell me where I can obtain it and how much it costs? Thank u

    1. Eek!, this is a late reply, but the website is faecrate.com 🙂

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