Review Policy

I accept copies of books, films, and episodes of tv shows for review. If I receive a copy of any of these, I put that information in the beginning of the review for that particular book. Any copies (physical or digital) I receive for review are NOT for resale. They will be given away for free to other readers on Instagram and Twitter.

In regards to books, I accept both print copies and eBooks, provided that the eBook copy is either in Kindle format or EPub. I read YA mostly, including fantasy, science fiction, and contemporary. I will also accept New Adult, historical fiction, and historical nonfiction books. I do not review erotica.

In regards to film and tv, I accept fantasy, science fiction, YA or teen contemporary, historical, mystery, and horror. At this time, I do not review medical or detective dramas or anime.

I will respond to every review request, even if I must decline. If I accept a book for review, a review can be expected within 1 week for 500 pages or less and 2 weeks for any book over 500 pages. Films & TV show reviews can be completed and up on the site within a week.

Whether or not I liked a book, tv episode, or film, there will be a review stating my honest opinion. The review itself will be posted in full here, as well as a snippet of the review on GoodReads and Amazon with a link back to this blog. I will also post a link of the review on various social media sites, including Twitter and Instagram.

Business Inquiries:

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