The Elite by Kiera Cass Review

I felt that the plot of this book compared to the last one was pretty much perfect. In the first book, we get a lot of set up- the caste systems, a quick history lesson, etc. The second book is usually where authors tend to slow things down. It was fast-paced enough and kept me engaged the whole time. Of course, I will try to keep this spoiler-free, but I will say that the plot of this book did not disappoint. I was shocked numerous times and often enough, stayed up late or forwent bathroom breaks in favor of reading just one more page.
When it came to the setting, honestly, I wasn’t expecting much. Usually when I read a sequel, the author uses the same adjectives to describe a place or feeling. In The Elite, I felt that I was still enraptured by the descriptive writing. I could picture the lavish palace with lush gardens.
Of course, to me, the characters are the most important element of any story. It’s their story, for goodness sake! While America, at times, seemed hypocritical that I felt like screaming, I knew that was a good thing because it meant that her character was developing and she was changing as a person. Every character has to have a flaw, right? She was relatable in that aspect. I definitely know that feeling of panic when you have to do something/make a decision by a certain date and you have no idea what you’re going to do. People don’t always get along, and this book displayed that perfectly. It made me feel something.
Speaking of characters, the dialogue flowed well. When you have characters who have obvious chemistry, the dialogue goes smoothly. It’s effortless. I didn’t feel like I was reading the author’s words, I felt like I was listening to America converse with those around her like I was there. (And in one of those beautiful dresses!)
Rating: 3/5


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