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As the site suggests, I’ve been a geek forever. I’ve collected Funko Pops! for several years. Back around 2013, I got my very first Pop!: Daenerys Targaryen (Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, etc. etc.) circa season 2 of Game of Thrones. Even though she CONSTANTLY FELL OVER, I loved having her on my shelf. And yes, you read that right. I take them out of the box because I don’t intend to sell them. If you keep them pristine, mint, and in-box, that’s awesome too. Fast forward six years, and my collection has grown. Now, I’m nowhere near some other avid collectors (yet!), but I’d like to think I have my fair share. And with all of this fandom news coming out just in time for San Diego Comic-Con, now is the perfect time to plan my next Pop! purchases with this list of upcoming new releases.

Now, this isn’t an exhaustive list. There are many more releases coming soon that I haven’t covered.


Always gotta start with the juggernaut that is Disney.

The Black Cauldron

Now, I’ll be honest here. I don’t really remember The Black Cauldron all that well. And you’re probably thinking, then why get this particular set? I’m a sucker for Disney. I’m not ashamed to say that they completely own my heart (and wallet). I have seen The Black Cauldron and would love this set even if I don’t remember every detail of the movie.


The Big Bang Theory

For the upcoming 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, Funko recently announced the arrivals of The Big Bang Theory Pops! featuring the gang as the Justice League (as seen at the end of season three). While I have Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny from the release a couple months ago, I would have loved this set. These are the SDCC exclusives, so if you are lucky enough to snag these babies, take a pic and show us! Now, if they’d only have made Zack as Superman!! Missed opportunity, Funko!

The Office

I don’t think I’ve seen such a demand for Pops! as much I have for The Office. Even I’ve been waiting patiently for these. When I saw the pre-orders were available at my local GameStop, I immediately put them on hold.

Later on, I saw the TV Moment which includes Michael Scott and HR Rep Toby Flenderson (a.k.a, the Scranton Strangler and you can’t convince me otherwise!) I love the amount of detail that went into this particular moment from Michael’s watch to the rock with a “Suck on that!” note attached.

Game of Thrones

With the series finally over (I will never recover), Funko announced the release of new Pops!, including a TV Moment and a very long-awaited Sansa Stark Pop!

Not gonna lie, I was a little surprised to see this chosen as the TV Moment. But to be fair, Game of Thrones was chock full of special moments that could have been made into Moments. The more I think about it, the pairing of Daenerys with Jorah during his final scenes makes sense. He’s been there since the beginning and died for his queen. *Sob*

This Pop! is gorgeous. The detail is truly incredible with both the leaves on her cape with the Direwolf crown. *kisses fingers* This one does not have a release date, but you can BET I’m putting this one on pre-order.

Of course, Funko has a ton of Pops! coming out this year, and this list contains only a few of those releases. Is there anything I didn’t cover that I should have? Which Pops! are you looking forward to?

*all pictures – credit @ Funko

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