#WorthIt: Shazam! Fights Superhero Burnout

If you’re a fan of superhero movies, comic books, or if you just don’t live under a rock, you might’ve heard about Shazam! the latest DC superhero release starring Zachary Levi.


I’ll be one hundred percent honest here. Before the trailers, I had never heard of Shazam before. I hadn’t read the comics or familiarized myself with the basics of who Shazam is.

However, when I saw the trailer, I knew it was going on my must-see-in-theaters list. For one, I just love superhero movies. I know people have mentioned superhero burnout, but I don’t want that negativity around me. 🙂 I love superhero movies and will continue to watch them as long as studios keep pumping them out.

Of course, Shazam! comes from DC, who hasn’t had the best track record with movies. Other than Batman and Wonder Woman, most movies released by the company have received mediocre reviews (see Suicide Squad). But, the trailers sucked me in, and I wanted to go into this movie with an open mind.

Instantly, it felt different. Of course, it does have that darker feel to it (as with all DC movies), but it juxtaposes that with a humorous side, and Zachary Levi’s performance is a big part of that. I honestly don’t know if the movie would’ve felt the same if it didn’t have Levi in the titular role. He was that good. His acting fell into a similar vein of Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool without seeming like a poor imitation. I’m excited to see more from Levi in the future. (hopefully a Shazam! sequel or appearance in another Justice League movie?!) Jack Dylan Grazer (who played Eddie in 2017’s It) is also a standout actor in this movie. Bringing back the goofy likability from his previous performance in It, Grazer plays off Levi well, and the two achieve a buddy-like bond that lasts through the entire movie.

But this is a review. And I can’t be nice all the time. A real critique I had of this movie is the depiction of the villain(s). Without going into too many spoilers, the seven deadly sins are involved, and the way they’re shown . . . is . . . very DC. If that makes sense. Too much reliance on CGI causes the sins to look “kiddish”. Perhaps, if they were just swirling shadows of darkness, they would’ve seemed much more menacing. Instead, they looked like they came right out of a Goosebumps movie. Which could be a good thing, depending on how you look at it.

Don’t get me wrong, though! This movie still felt like a DC movie and not a DC movie trying to be a Marvel movie. It looks like DC is starting to really hit their stride with this one. The movie was playful and didn’t dwell on the darkness too much.

This was a fun one, folks. And one that’s worth the growing theater prices. So, have a night out, and indulge in a night of superhero goodness while you wait for Avengers: Endgame.

Happy Film-Going!


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